Social & New Media Manager | Co-founder

Juan Bodas

Juan Alberto Bodas received his PhD in new media and information sciences from Camilo José Cela University. He completed part of his studies with an Erasmus scholarship at ESC Clermont Ferrand (France).
He has ten years of experience behind him in online marketing, developing and managing communication strategies for brands such as Seat, McDonald’s, L’Oréal Paris, Gallina Blanca, Energizer, LG, and BBVA. Juan Alberto specializes in the construction of innovative solutions that deliver a differential value to help achieve the goals of brands, campaigns or marketing plans. He is a believer in the implementation of tools of reputation for constantly evaluating or forming the perception of the user on the brand, which help to improve their products and business processes. He has already implemented his knowledge for customers such as Securitas Direct and Remica services energy.
Currently, he shares his professional work with education institutions such as at the higher Institute for the development of Internet (ISDI), Internet Academy, and University Camilo José Cela. Additionally, he trains internally for companies and participates in events regarding marketing such as the Zaragoza Congress website and IAB Spain.
Languages: Spanish and Englis