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Being relevant
every step
of the way

What, when,
to who

What did we do?

BBVA has millions of clients, a wide array of products, and a constant stream of promotions and milestones. Establish a creation process and delivering relevant communications to each target at the right moment is both a massive and exhilirating task.

Work areas

CRM, UX, UI, Digital Analytics.

A highly humane machine

Quantity and quality

We analyzed client profiles and banking products as well as “journeys” associated with both in order to develop a CRM strategy that would allow us to send the correct message to its users at the right moment. We also created a base of digitally active users to guarantee an agile response while adhering to the quality of each execution and in coherence with the new visual code of BBVA.
emails sent monthly
500 created emails
increase in opening emails
emails sent monthly
created emails
increase in opening emails