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Improve performance and enhance awareness, acquisition and digital conversion


We faced 2 major challenges that we overcame in less than 6 months:
  • On the one hand, we had to help to promote the brand, positioning it as the digital and 100% green alternative, in markets where it was practically unknown and competed with consolidated national companies.
  • On the other hand, we had to attract new customers while improving the performance data of the campaigns, increasing leads and sales and reducing CPL and CPA costs.


Service Design, UX, UI, Paid Media, SEO, Branding, Creativity, Content & Social Media.


A global vision applied to local needs with a focus on results

While keeping global objectives in mind, our approach was based on focusing on the end customer in each of the countries where we had to operate.
To do this, we orchestrated a comprehensive digital strategy that took into account the distinctive features of each market, each user and each phase of the funnel in which it was necessary to act.
Our approach allowed us to:
  • Identify the most optimal channels in which to engage with our users.
  • Offer the most interesting products and services based on the need / situation in the funnel.
  • Improve the conversion process.
  • Maximise conversion.


Definition of the global digital capture strategy and its decline by country

  • Knowledge of users
    We carried out research on user behavior in each phase of the funnel. As a result, we were able to take their needs into account when defining which channels we should promote the brand through (awareness), what products and / or content they needed at all times (consideration), what requirements they had during the registration process (conversion) and what they needed from us after the conversion (loyalty).
  • Branding, positioning and content
    We worked on the organic positioning of the brand and generated content that associated the company with sustainability and caring for the environment. It was distributed on digital and social media with GDN and social paid media campaigns to impact new audiences and re-impact those who had already been informed about the company.
  • Digital strategy optimised for conversion
    The synergies created between SEO and SEM allowed us to develop a performance strategy that enhances the generation of quality leads and conversions. In this way we achieve maximum profitability, working with digital assets in the case of organic and with Google as a benchmark in the case of paid media.
  • Asset redesign with the user in mind
    We tested digital assets dedicated to user conversion, obtaining findings that allowed us to improve the online registration process for each of the countries.Además, para mejorar la experiencia del usuario, digitalizamos el proceso de atención al cliente a través de canales como Social Media y App Markets.
  • Continuous measurement of business and reputation
    A dashboard in Data Studio helps us to see the results of the defined main KPIs defined in real time. Therefore, we can continuously review the accomplishment of the objectives and results with both an overall and local vision, creating a process of continuous optimisation of the strategy. In addition, we measure brand reputation to avoid reputational risks and identify actionable insights at the business level.
  • Global, local and native management
    We created an international team made up of expert professionals in each area and in each market. This provides us with bilingual / native management for each of the markets which facilitates a global understanding of the needs of local audiences.

“Our previous experience in the sector allowed us to develop a strategy that meets the company’s objectives, applying our international vision to optimise results by country.”


marketing consultant lead


More than 4 years contributing to the business:

Conversion objectives
Anual organic traffic
CPL in Google Ads
Conversion objectives
Anual organic traffic
CPL in Google Ads