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In an increasingly more competitive environment and the growing importance of digital as a commercial channel, we faced an increase in acquisition costs that forced us to rethink our strategy to maximise ROI and in turn, improving the quality of leads and the cost of each one.


Paid Media (Search, Social, Programmatic, Display), Data & Analytics, SEO and content.


Martech for an advanced optimisation of media

We created a strategy whose objective consisted of maximising digital acquisition based on the creation of an advanced marketing technology ecosystem (Martech) and the integration of the different sources of business data, with a particular focus on CRM and web behaviour. In this way, we sought to maximise algorithmic learning of the advertising media platforms (Paid Search, Paid Social and Programmatic).
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Integration of GMP media technology

To achieve this, we worked on an integrated strategy of acquisition between paid media, organic positioning and data through the development of a technological ecosystem based on GMP.

  • Paid Media
    We implemented GMP technology (Search Ads 360, DV 360 and Campaign Manager), to obtain an improved integration of information and advanced functionalities that allowed us to best optimise paid media.
  • SEO and Content
    At the same time, we worked on the content strategy that, thanks to SEO optimisation, allowed us to acquire related traffic, create audiences associated with the different areas of business and use it in paid media.
  • Data & Analytics
    We complemented it with a measurement model that allowed us to understand which users were relevant and at which point of the decision-making making process they were discovered, standardising measurement and improving maintenance by using Google Tag Manager and integrating data via Big Query. Furthermore, we integrated the different sources of data like CRM (Salesforce) that gave us a complete vision of the acquisition process and final sale.

“Thanks to the use of advanced technologies were able to adapt our media strategy to the reality of the business, managing to improve acquisition results”

Adrián Polo

Senior Marketing Consultant


Improvement in key indicators

Some of the key indicators we bettered with our strategy were:
CPL international acquisition
-41% CPL postgrad studies
organic traffic
CPL international acquisition
CPL postgrad studies
organic traffic