Iberdrola Clients

From the
idea to the


Humanize the energy.
Iberdrola gave us the challenge of strengthening the digital area of ​​its business in its multiple platforms. It is a sector where often the link with the consumer comes from the electricity bill.
From HABITANT we understood the need to create spaces of value for the user, unifying the different areas (Public Web, Client Area, B2B, App, Social Media) and countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France) for the same purpose: to present products and services that increase digital sales, to favor the self-management of the user and to raise awareness about sustainable models of energy consumption.


Service Design / UX / UI / Development / Social Media / Analytics / Brand & Content


Our strategic objectives.

  • Digitization of current and future customers.
  • International boost in the digital channels of Portugal, Italy and France.
  • Sale of digital products and services: Customized Plans and Smart Solutions.
  • Promotion of the company’s values: social actions (Women’s Sports, Cancer Day), innovation (Electric Mobility, Energy Wallet) and sustainability (100% renewable energy).
  • Self-management in the customer area and reduction of calls to the call center.
  • Process optimization to improve customer service.
  • Improved brand reputation from social channels.


From the idea to product


Get the user to grow the business

  • We analyze the overview of the strategy in the 4 countries and establish a work plan defining priorities.
  • We coordinate multidisciplinary teams from the project / campaign ideation to its development, obtaining synergies throughout the process.
  • We present proposals of prototyping and design according to the UX-UI phased delivery. Of course, mobile first.
  • We define the flow of implementation and development in different environments, adapting to the internal platforms of Iberdrola and establishing testing processes.
  • We devise and develop the strategy of social channels to give Iberdrola Clients a customer-focused identity.
  • We develop the analytical strategy, implementing measurement plans and producing reports of results broken down by area and country.
  • We carry out weekly statuses for the coordination of the different areas and countries with the aim of defining priorities and obtaining learnings.

“Working with Iberdrola has been a constant evolution and we have accompanied them in the digitization and creation of digital assets and products, always from the point of view of the user’s needs”

Fernando Martínez-Corbalán