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Iberdrola Distribution (or i-DE) is responsible for providing electricity through its networks to the homes of its customers. The quality of service is a key challenge for the company, increasingly focused on the customer. This search for quality is what leads Iberdrola Distribution (or i-DE) to rely on HABITANT® for the improvement of the user experience and the redesign of the application and private customer web.
Starting with research based on Design Thinking methodologies and with a user centric approach, we aligned the vision of the product with the strategy to achieve a product that ensures the best user experience.


Service & Product Design, Design Research, UX / UI Design, Development, Project Management

Two design goals

We had two main goals:

  • Adaptation of their digital assets for customers
    To accompany Iberdrola Distribution (or i-DE) in adapting its digital assets to customers, offering a better service through an excellent user experience and a renewed image.
  • Provide the highest quality and customer service.
    In a continuous process of improvement, Iberdrola Distribution seeks to provide the highest quality and customer service, ensuring that each user finds what they are looking for immediately.


Energy, more at hand than ever

The customer experience
With a User-Centric strategy and following Design Thinking methodologies, we investigated different user profiles (individuals, SMEs, user managers) obtaining significant findings that, together with the heuristic findings, led to improvement proposals for the web and customer app.

To facilitate information access for users, many of them non-recurring, redundant elements are used to help find everything you need, especially if theis is an incidence.

Quick Wins
We start with a series of UX Quick Wins on the web and the app, to obtain immediate improvements for the user.

MVP & Agile
In parallel, we worked on a minimum viable product to reduce the time-to-market, with an evolutionary sprint plan that allowed the progressive launch of new functionalities.

360 Team
We worked together with Iberdrola Distribution (i-DE) as an integrated team, applying daily and refinement meetings to obtain the maximum potential of each of the team members.

“A redesign where customers could understand their energy consumption on the web or in the app and perform any management quickly and conveniently”

Francisco García