Optimizing the Social Support Strategy of Iberdrola Clients

Social media

The challenge

For years, Iberdrola has been developing its digitalization, and its social media are a good example of this. In 2012 the Twitter account @TuIberdrola was created and then, in 2015, the Facebook page, where an active listening of the clients and the users who talk about the brand is being done. The challenge is to offer a direct response to all inquiries, doubts, and requests, and improve customer service throughout digitized and personalized attention.

Work areas

Social Media, Creativity, Analytics and Project Management.


3 key strategic objectives

  • Improve customer service: offering a personalized response, which is more comfortable for the customer who prefers to use social channels as a communication platform with Iberdrola Clients.
  • Offer useful content: daily support for the client, with valuable content about registration processes, savings advice, mobility … and everything that affects Iberdrola’s clients.
  • Work on online reputation: know in real time the main issues for customers and thus provide an agile response, thus improving the perception of Iberdrola Clients.


We strive for a customer-based identity

In HABITANT, from August 2016 to May 2019, we had the challenge of providing extra value to Iberdrola Clients, so that it had a strong identity, within the Iberdrola ecosystem itself. We perform a methodology, which had a clear starting point: to find a positioning of Iberdrola Clients as well as a differentiating action plan:
1. We conducted an exhaustive investigation analyzing, not only the Spanish but also the international competitors, to assess what and how they were doing in their respective social media.
2. We developed a strategic creative concept, in addition to:
  • Redefine the role of each of the social platforms.
  • Develop a tone and voice according to the attributes of the brand.
  • Focus on all communication around the client.
  • Believing in innovation with new formats of audiovisual content more current and attractive.
3. We collaborate directly with the agents of Iberdrola Clients dedicated to listening to the client and answering their queries on social channels.
4. We rely on technology, with advanced ticketing tools, to classify the requests of each user and store a history of each case. This helps us give quick answers to the different queries from users and do a proper follow-up, to help and improve customer service.

“Iberdrola Clients offer the customer personalized attention in the medium in which they request, to solve incidents. This helps improving the company’s online reputation and customer’s perception.”

Juan Alberto Bodas

Head of New Media
Decreased negative sentiment on Facebook and Twitter.
+4% positive mentions at the end of 2018 on Facebook and Twitter
of online requests are on Twitter
Decreased negative sentiment on Facebook and Twitter.
positive mentions at the end of 2018 on Facebook and Twitter
of online requests are on Twitter