Social Support Mutua Madrileña

From the
call centers
to the social

Understand in order to transform

What did we do?

We digitalized the Social Support process at Mutua Madrileña, analyzing the workflows and turning them into touchpoints across social networks and other customer service digital channels.

Work areas

Social Media, Analytics, CRM.

A multidisciplinary project

Thousands of answers
with one single voice

In order to develop a strategy, we immersed ourselves in Mutua Madrileña’s call centers and in the day-to-day protocols for answering and workflows in the involved areas (Commerce, Digital Transformation, IT or Communication). The final deliverable was a guide that picked up the entire process of customer service across social networks.

Parting from the initial audit, we applied a methodology of Social Support to define flows, types of interactions, and needs of the ticketing tool for Mutua Madrileña.

Juán Bodas

Social & New Media Manager | Partner
message automation for user self-management
100% A digital experience
lower cost of time / cost of call center agents
message automation for user self-management
A digital experience
lower cost of time / cost of call center agents