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Design of the
D2C model &
digital strategy


the challenge

The pandemic offered us a great opportunity: to approach our customers directly under a new business model that was innovative and not well-known until now.
In turn, Hijos de Rivera, offered us a great challenge: digitize its relationship model with the consumer, redefining its technological ecosystem and creating the necessary assets to carry it out successfully.
Therefore, we had to create a multi-brand model with a direct relationship with the consumer that would allow us to control the experience with these brands in the digital environment. Or in other words: develop a dialogue with the consumer through the brand that allows them to consume the content, interact and establish a direct commercial relationship “seamless”.


Fullstack Project: Service Design, UX, UI, Development & Platforms, Creativity and Content, SEO, Paid Media, Data & Analytics and CRO.


Creation of a new model with an integrated end-to-end relationship with the customer (D2C)

From brands to sales, through to “engagement” and loyalty, we created a with the customer in which we covered all the phases of the funnel of a digital sale, impacting prospects, customers and “brand lovers ”.
We dealt with all the customer “touchpoints” with the brands, from the generation of branding and positioning through building awareness, with surprising and innovative formats, to the creation of an e-commerce marketplace where we developed new business models (sales by subscription, selling experiences, partnerships with third-party brands, etc.) and relationship models (CRM, ATC, etc.).
A multi-brand Full Stack project where creativity, user experience, media and technology work fully integrated.
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what did we do?

An innovative, cross-cutting and integrated project.

With the general aim of offering value to the user at all points of contact, keeping in mind the business approach and through the creation of innovative strategies, we created the foundations for the new Hijos de Rivera relationship and business models. Hence, we structured a 360º strategy where we sought impact mainly on the company’s brand awareness and digital sales.

  • Design Thinking & Research
    We laid the foundations thanks to research with stakeholders, users and beer consumers in general (focus groups, workshops, ideation sessions, etc.). With the valuable insights and hypotheses obtained and with our expert judgment, knowledge of the category and the environment, we defined the strategic lines of the project.
  • Branding, design, development and optimisation of the e-commerce marketplace channel
    We created and evolved the platform in order to maximise conversion and offer the best experience. We also included all the necessary actions to increase and improve their sales: SEO, CRO, media focused on performance and advanced measurement.
  • Martech / Adtech
    We defined, implemented and exploited the Google Marketing Platforms DV 360 and SA360, and Big Query technology both for media management as well as for the management of all their data associated with business / sales, hence exploiting the extraction of audiences and obtaining business insights.
  • Digital media strategy
    We defined the digital media strategy by dealing with the entire funnel from awareness to sale, with the continuous use of innovative formats and technologies that we manage and operate it. We also created the entire ecosystem of measurement and necessary technologies.
  • Measurement model
    We created a standalone data repository that allowed us to integrate different sources such as CRM, sales, media and digital analytics. In this way we were able to analyse performance as well as relevant metrics at the business intelligence level such as repeat customers and LTV.
  • Relationship model (CRM): definition, exploitation & analysis
    We developed the technological infrastructure to generate a relationship model with the customer based on Gigya + Selligent Marketing Cloud and carried out the exploitation and analysis of the database, the contact plan and all related materials.
  • New business models
    As we have seen, with them we defined the new business and relationship models: from subscription models, product bundles, exclusive launches, sales of experiences and tickets to the Estrella Galicia museum, marketplace approach, new ideas around logistics, products, sustainability, partners (B2B), etc. and what is to come.

“Finding a way to operate on a custom basis considering the exact needs of the costumer and the integration of digital assets, technology, creativity, paid media and data gathered into a unique full funnel vision, have been the key to truly have an impact on the improvement of our business goals”

Alfredo Maíz



Clear increase in the company´s digital sales, among other outstanding results:

Increase in value of average order online
+15% Increase in e-commerce site conversion rate
CPL (digital media investment / digital sales)
Increase in value of average order online
Increase in e-commerce site conversion rate
CPL (digital media investment / digital sales)