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Design a physical smart charging device


Chargy trusts HABITANT® to redesign its physical product providing greater coherence between Chargy’s technological value and the customer’s perceived value on its i-powerbank, creating a product that adapts to the new frontiers reached by the company in world-class retail environments. That way HABITANT® builds a design line on which the company can continue to grow as new products emerge.


Design Research, Industrial Design, Visual Design, Project Management.


3 redesign objectives:

The objective set by our client was to redesign the Powerbank Station set to facilitate the operations of the same within a Retail frame. The ease of use of the product and the ability to customize these became a fundamental pillar of the service. At the same time, we had to increase the customer’s perceived value of the devices by improving product quality and demonstrating brand value and the technology involved.


Retail connected experience

Collaborative Approach
The collaborative approach between the team of Habitant Product and the team of Chargy was key to the success of the project. The dependence of the new design with internal technology was transcendental, which is why an interdisciplinary team worked hand in hand from the very beginning.
Transversal Team
To deal with the challenge we faced, we collaborated with our teams of Service Design, Product Design and Hardware Design to create a product that provided the coherence between form and the necessary function to be an attractive and usable product. Its functionality had to be improved as much as possible.
Agile Test, Learn Fast
Thanks to printing technology 3 we were able to simulate an initial pilot with which to test the operation of the service and were able to improve fundamental aspects of it, reaching the most satisfactory result for our client and its users.

“Working with the freedom to listen to the consumer to understand their needs and interconnect them with the design, has been the key to success of this product.”


Product designer


The new Chargy Station

The result of the process not only changed the aesthetics of the process but also improved the manufacturing processes and allowed the inclusion of more technology. With the user always at the center of the service, it was possible to improve their experience and perceived value of Chargy and its products.