performance in
paid media in

maximise the
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Am I getting the most out of my advertising investment?
This was the question, plain and simple, but at the same time difficult to answer, which was thrown up to HABITANT by the team responsible for managing the eCommerce of one of the world’s leading entertainment brands (with a turnover of more than 10 million euros per year in their eCommerce in Spain alone).


Paid Media (SEM, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads…), Data & Analytics (Adobe Analytics).


Optimisation of paid media
to maximise revenue

Beyond other secondary metrics, such as traffic or clicks, we focused on transactional metrics: transactions, revenue and ROAS, adjusting all the measurement systems and taking advantage of the algorithmic optimisation capacity based on these indicators in order to achieve a real impact on the business.

How did we do it?

Focus in business

We started by understanding our client’s business: profitability, most sought-after products, products with the highest margin, the relationship between their audiovisual launches and the impact on sales, etc.

From there, we applied our methodology to carry out a complete diagnosis of the As Is of the associated advertising accounts which led to a readjustment of the media and measurement strategy.

  • Paid Search
    We created a new account structure, adjusted to user searches, and grouped consistently at the business level. In addition, we changed the pixelation to include transaction values, products and items in order to improve the optimisation capacity based on the revenue of our campaigns, changing the bidding strategy to one focused on maximising revenue.
    We also implemented a feed management tool in Google Shopping to maximise the weight of this channel.
  • Paid Social
    We defined the role of the Paid Social channel as a discovery channel for offers and new products, using it as an element to generate searches in Search.
    We implemented the Facebook pixel, including information specific to e-commerce (transaction value and products) to increase the efficiency of bid strategies. Thanks to the integration of a product feed manager (Lengow), we implemented several catalogues, generating Facebook DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) campaigns.
    In addition, we used new environments aligned with their product types, such as Pinterest Ads.
  • Remarketing
    CWe complemented our remarketing strategies in GDN and Paid Social with the Display channel and the use of Criteo.
  • Adobe Analytics
    We used Adobe Analytics as a centralised sales measurement tool and main source of data to understand how our campaigns worked, thus complementing the data from the advertising platforms.

“We prioritise metrics related to revenue and income over others in order to generate the greatest impact at the business level”




Gradual improvement of the main business indicators in the 4 years that we have been optimising the media strategy:

average increase in annual revenue
+17% increase in the number of orders with paid origin means
increase in paid media ROI
average increase in annual revenue
increase in the number of orders with paid origin means
increase in paid media ROI