Herbolario Navarro


The Challenge

Herbolario Navarro, with more than 200 years of history and leader in the physical sector with almost 40 stores, faces the challenge of a new consumer transformed by new technologies and the arrival of new online players. This challenge also offers an opportunity to amplify their products and own brands, so valued by their current customers, to new geographical areas. For this reason, Herbolario Navarro relies on the help of HABITANT to prepare their online strategy.


Digital Strategy, Research, UX/UI, Development, SEO, Paid Media, Analytics

Our goals

& Loyalty

  • Define an online business strategy through the creation of a pricing models, promotions, logistics and omnichannel approach.
  • Redesign the online sales platform to bring up to the level of the brand, creating an attractive online space, easy to use and offering an experience at the height encountered at the physical stores.
  • Capture new users, while continuing to build loyalty with current users.

Our approach

To generate the greater impact in business.

  • Strategy definitionIn order to help Herbolario Navarro we carried out an exhaustive investigation both internally and with clients, which helped us understand the users’ purchase decision, their restraints, what they valued, what was relevant at business level and allowed us to adjust all the experience in order to achieve the greatest impact on business, at the same time as being useful for the user.
  • Assets creation phaseAfter understanding all the information thoroughly, we got to work creating all the digital assets, where the web plays the central role: mobile first, advanced and intelligent search engine, adaptation to seasonality, were some of the key design drivers taken into account.
  • Attracting trafficOnce we designed and achieved the digital experience we wanted, we concentrated on getting traffic through different recruitment strategies where search engines played a key role.
    … and this is not the end, we continue to adjust and optimize the experience: search engine, product information, inclusion of new products, the optimization of results-based campaigns. All this to help Herbolario Navarro become a leader in its sector, also online.