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Redesign of a digital product with a focus on conversion. has trusted HABITANT® to redesign its website and provide a greater coherence in the design of all its business lines. The objective was to improve the experience of its users through a User Centric, Mobile First approach and with the creation of a Design System to continue evolving the website. All this was achieved without losing the values and brand positioning, as well as the focus and main KPI: conversion.


Service Design / Design Research / UX / UI / Interaction Design / Visual Design / Project Management


“We are much more than an insurance comparator”

The objective set by Rastreator was to redesign the website and make usability improvements to the user experience, with special attention to the mobile experience. At the same time, we aimed to help communicate their brand values ​​and multi-product strategy through an update of the online visual identity while following current design standards.


Focus on users and mobile

  • First, the user
    Our approach started the only way we know … by putting the user at the center of the experience, listening and learning from them, understanding their needs and their motivations or frustrations when making comparisons of the products. Thanks to interviews and user tests we obtained key information that helped us create the design principles that would later form the DNA of the new experience.
  • Collaborative approach
    From day one, both teams, HABITANT and Rastreator, worked hand in hand. All the decisions were made together and they collaborated closely for the web redesign.
  • Transversal Team
    We had an interdisciplinary team that included all profiles of the field of Service Design and Product Design, and on top of that a product owner that was present from the beginning until the end, ensuring that all the knowledge acquired in each of the phases was applied correctly.
  • Design system
    Together with the Design team of Rastreator, a design system has been created that will help the company work in a homogeneous manner under the same visual and systematic language, optimizing the usage of time of designers and developers during the future evolution of the product.
  • Always thinking about mobile
    One of the main objectives of the project was to create a mobile first experience, solving challenges on mobile and with a new design aimed at incentivizing conversion.
  • Agile test, learn fast, refine
    Through our UX LAB we were able to make agile tests and contrast our designs with the opinions of our testers.

“This evolution of the design strengthens our role as industry leaders and is also key to keep providing transparency to markets and simplicity. Besides, it being time-saving for all our users.”

Fernando Summers

CEO de Rastreator