Redefining the educational experience at SEK

Designing the future
of education

People first

What did we do?

By following Design Thinking methodologies, we researched different Institución Educativa SEK’s stakeholders and users, families and students alike. Strategic points that allowed us to redefine the educational experience emerged based on their expectations and needs.

Work areas

Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Product Design, Investigation (people & Customer Journey), UX, Digital Analytics.

Necessary innovation

Coming to the rescue

Innovation means being the first to create what everyone has been waiting for. This is why Institución Educativa SEK entrusted Habitant with the task of understanding the needs of current students, families, professors, and to rethink the educational experience of the future in order to implement all of the necessary measures possible to ignite students’ true potential.

“We have created a new format of representing the story of a student. This isn’t simply a customer journey, it’s a complete strategic map of a person’s lifecycle with the school.”

Marc Roca

Head of service design
months of analysis and interpretation
16 areas of opportunity detected
interviews with all the participants in the process
months of analysis and interpretation
areas of opportunity detected
interviews with all the participants in the process