Estrella Galicia

The challenge

Estrella Galicia trusted VALHALLA® and HABITANT® as strategic allies within its digital transformation and innovation plan. The challenge of Estrella Galicia was to help the brand to incorporate entrepreneurial digital talent into its chain of value chain, thus accelerating their innovation process.
The solution to this challenge was the result of the creation of a collaborative entrepreneurship program led by VALHALLA® and HABITANT®. A project conceived, developed and directed from the beginning to the end by both, where at each stage of the process it was vital to understand and analyze the value contribution that was delivered to our client.


Consulting, Research, Project Management, UX / Design, UI / Design, Development, Brand Content Creation, SEO, Optimized Paid Media, Social Media Management, Data & Analytics.


Integrate value from external talent to the organization in a measurable way.

  • Create a program from scratch: Provide it with methodology, structure it together with the organization stakeholders, integrate external talent into the chain of value, integrate a new culture into a successful and already structured organization.
  • Go beyond the news: Measuring the impact on the organization with each project, providing new go to market opportunities, integrating new technology to implement new work processes and cost optimization.
  • Attract 150 startups: Attracting talent was a challenge. We had to capture the interest of technology entrepreneurs so that they wanted to be part of the program and immerse themselves almost a year in the culture of a new company.


Exclusivity, coherence, significance, ambition …
and above all, integration.

Respect for the values of Estrella Galicia and the mission of creating a proposal that would connect the company and the new technological entrepreneurs, were the criteria from which we started.
A project like this would have been impossible to tackle without a multidisciplinary approach. Consultants, innovation specialists, researchers, and specialists from all over our digital ecosystem worked side by side, providing the best of each area to create a unique project.

    We carry out an exhaustive investigation to know where to find our target and focus our efforts.
  • Identifying the channels
    We define the role of each of the assets to know how to guide the communication, creating specific content for each of them and developing a tone according to the value proposition of the new brand.
    We design and develop a website, aimed at achieving massive participation in the program. A mentoring app to manage the day to day of each project and each mentor within the organization. To this end, specialists in the areas of Consulting, Research, UX, UI, Brand Content, Development, SEO and Analytics were involved.

“VALHALLA® and HABITANT® have allowed us to create one of the most successful innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the country, with clear and measurable results that impact our organization.”

JJ Delgado

CDO Hijos de Rivera S.A.U.
web clicks
+13,4M impressions in the campaign's total period
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web clicks
impressions in the campaign's total period
Video reproductions, to the lowest possible CPV (€ 0.01)