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Maximiza el impacto de tu inversión a través de una comunicación más relevante y efectiva.
¿Qué hacemos?
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Gestión de Audiencias
  • Data Integration
  • Creatividad & Content

Our vision

Attract by being relevant and coherent.

What we do

First of all, we ask ourselves this question: is it worth creating something nobody has heard of or won’t use? At Habitant we know that our work is for the people, because they are the ones who will allow your business to thrive.
That’s why we dedicate a large part of our efforts and time to identify potential users for your products or services, in order to turn them into your campaigns’ audience and make it so that they ultimately become your clients.
We attract users through relevant tools and content, we help answer their doubts, and using techniques such as Paid Social, Paid Search, or RTB, we construct audiences that will be lead them through a conversion funnel until we have turned their interest into sales for your business.
– Branded Content Creation
– Paid Search & Social
– Optimized Paid Media
– Social Media Management

Do you dare?

Habitant Studio

We design, create and produce effective campaigns that connect brands with their audience through relevant content and formats.

¿Necesitas ayuda con la gestión de tu inversión y audiencias?