Communication Director

Tássia Skolaude

Tássia holds a degree in public relations and an MBA in marketing. After 7 years of working in corporate communication and digital marketing at large companies in Brazil, she moved to Madrid to take over the position of marketing director for Campus Party Global, a technology event located in 12 countries. In the last 3 years at the company, she developed and implemented the Campus Party product model throughout the world, including communication and design strategies in countries such as Holland, Argentina, Mexico and Italy.
As a specialist in public relations, corporate communication, digital marketing and endomarketing, she developed her experience in international projects, leading teams in multiple countries, acquiring a wide knowledge on cutting-edge content in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Tassia loves the beach, being at home, gastronomy and jazz, and above all, share the pleasures of life with those she loves – including, of course, her cat, Leonor. 🙂
Languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese